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Foster A Puppy And Save A Life.

In a world where there is so much take, take, take, the ability to give back in some form is good food for the soul. Thousands of volunteers around the Gold Coast work tirelessly each week helping community efforts, displaying such altruism and a sense of humanity. At K9 Photography, we are pa Read More

What Is Love? Love Is A Dog.

K9 Photography on the Gold Coast love dogs so much we named our business after them in tribute – K9 Photography! We know personally what a privilege it is to have dogs as part of our family. You will see our own dogs Evie and Lenny as the “talent” in many of our pet photography shoots on ou Read More

The Unbreakable Bond Between A Dog And A Child

Children that have been fortunate to grow up with their dog, have an unbreakable bond that stays with them through adulthood. Nothing is more touching as a parent and a pet owner watching your child and your puppy meeting milestones in their development together. Nothing is more adorable and h Read More

Why No One Will Ever Be More Loyal Than Your Dog

It has been said that loyalty in dogs has evolved over thousands of years where people have worked with dogs, just to serve them a purpose. From hunting to companionship, it is undeniable that over history, dogs and their owners have developed a unique and close relationship, whether it is a working Read More

My Secrets Are Safe With You.

Dogs are the best confidantes. You can tell a dog your worst secret, or tell them your best secret, either way it’s all the same. Dogs will never betray you.  Well, they can’t speak so I guess they can’t really divulge your secret, but if dogs could speak, we believe they still wouldn’t bet Read More

My Dog – My Soulmate

When we talk about soul mates, we generally refer to the human kind and often describe our partners as our soul mate. Others may disagree and say soulmates can take many forms, not just partners. A soulmate could be a close friend, a sister or even an animal. For passionate dog lovers, they would Read More

I’m just a walkin the Dawg!

This is my first blog post and hopefully the first of many.  These are just my thoughts and experiences and by sharing them with you I hope that you might see something that you can relate to.  You won’t always agree with my thoughts and that’s perfectly ok with me.   We can always agree to Read More

The Heartbreak Of Losing Your Beloved Dog

It’s an incredibly sad moment in life when your beloved dog dies. Your best friend is suddenly no longer there to greet you. Everything you do and everywhere you go only serves as a painful reminder that they are no longer with you. We all understand the grief of losing a loved one, another hum Read More