How a Session with Your Dog Impacts on My Life

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I recently received an email from Deb Carter who wrote “You must really make an impression on your clients for them to inform you when a much Loved pet passes away .. You inspire me very much”.  I was touched to receive that email and wanted to respond via facebook but thought what I would say would be best said here on my website.

I have taken thousands of photographs of the most beautiful pets over the past three years, mostly dogs but some horses, and a few cats.  I remember every single one of them because they impact on my life from the moment you call me to tell me their story. And trust me, they all have their own unique story to tell.

I WANT to know how they came into your life.  Were they a rescue?  And if so, did they come from the Animal Welfare League of Queensland or Best Friends Animal Rescue? Were they a pet store find or did they find you somehow?  Did they wander into your backyard one day and stay?  I’ll never forget Nala’s story from Vanuatu.  She was found under the house.  I want to know what breed they are, what you called them, how old they are.  I want to know if they are inside dogs, outside dogs or working dogs, if they are aged or have a disability.  I ask because firstly I am genuinely interested to hear about your dogs and I take all of these things into consideration when we choose your location and the time of day we shoot.  An aged dog for example would find it hard to walk on soft sand at the beach because he or she may have arthritis.  A younger dog who may not know all the basic commands, might be safer in environment away from other dogs and distractions.

I listen to every story and then I want to meet them.  Before I even pick up my camera, you bring your dogs to my home.  They sit on my couch (sometimes all of them) or by my feet.  If they are puppies I will hold them, hug them and kiss them because I love puppies and can’t help myself! If they are older, I will play with them and Phoenix recently loved having me chase him around the house! They get to know me and I get to know them so when I catch up with them at their shoot they remember that I’m the lady who gave them hugs and treats and even chased them in my home a week before!

I capture 100’s of images at your shoot.  The reason being is that the expression on a dog’s face can change from click to click.  They might be engaged in what I am saying to them or the sounds I am making.  They might be surprised by a bird taking off from a nearby tree or a car backfiring.  Or they might just be so relaxed at the end of their big day with me they are half asleep.  It’s not just the expressions on their faces its the expression on yours.  The laughter from being licked on your mouth or the tender moment where you have pulled them in close to your chest.  Just a whisper in their ear can create an image that resonates with you.

All of your images resonate with me.

I spend hours pouring through the images from your shoot.  Looking at your dog and laughing out loud when I come across one that I know will make you laugh too!  I photoshop the sleep out of their eyes, leads off their backs and breathe colour and life into your images.    This takes time.  So once more I am spending hours with your dog at my computer and he or she is not even here.  I do this whilst my dog sleeps at my feet.

You then come back to home and sit on my couch and see the results.  I have cried countless tears with many of my clients so you will always find a box of tissues on my coffee table.  I know they are tears of joy.

So from the moment you call me to the moment you see how your relationship unfolded in a moment of time, I HAVE FORMED A BOND WITH YOUR DOG!

And when a client calls me to let me know their dog (or horse) has passed away I cry.  The loss is great to me, the grief is real and I will miss your dog almost as much as you will.

I am always grateful that you trusted me to capture a time in the life of your dog when you were both truly happy.


Pet Photography Gold Coast – K9 Photography

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Siew-ling Perkins - Hi
I don’t usually comment on posts but would like you to know that I love your work and with your passion you are very inspirational.

I am at a crossroads and you have given me the inspiration and benchmark for me to turn my passion for pets (I’m a vet nurse) and an interest in photography into a new hobby and should I be lucky a full filling career like yours.

Thank you, you do a wonderful job!

Regards and a definate admirer of your work.


moana.tabisap - All above .. I just want to say that I love dogs very much …

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