Of course, Max didn’t realise that if a bird can fly up into a tree, the same bird can fly away.

I distinctly remember the moment Max thought he would chase a bird up into a tree. Yes. Right up the trunk and across two branches. Dogs shouldn’t be able to do that!

We were living in Mt Lawley in Perth, and we were lucky to have a fabulous park right across the road from us. It was the beginning of Spring and Magpie swooping silly season. There was one particular Magpie that would wait for Max every afternoon and swoop him as soon as we arrived.

For weeks, Max would duck and dodge this bird until one day he had had enough. The tree in which the bird took refuge had a leaning trunk. The trunk had large nodules from the bottom to the top and sitting right at the foot of the trunk was a bench.

He started charging towards the tree at full pelt, leapt up on to the bench and got a footing on the nodules. Before we knew it, he had propelled himself on to the nearest branch. I looked up in horror and saw Max in the Tree!

My heart was racing, I thought he would fall and hurt himself, but he managed to back himself up and come down the trunk the same way he went up.

Max was my heart dog! I could not imagine my life without him. And for 18 years I didn’t have to.

There are so many stories I could tell you about Max. To me, he was my world, and it didn’t take much for him to make me smile, laugh or cry. His stories were his book of chapters.

All of your pets have a story. They are just like a book filled with chapters, and each chapter is filled with love, adventure and family.

The last chapter is always the hardest. The book is so good you just don’t want it to end. But ultimately it does and once it’s finished, it must be returned to the Library.

I am currently reading two fabulous books. Evie and Lenny.

One of the things I loved most was taking pictures of Max and what started as a hobby lead me to become the pet photographer I am today.

Books are great, and when they have pictures, they are Greater!

Taking pictures of you and your dogs, capturing moments and keeping their stories alive in photographs is my passion and its what I love to.

But enough about me. I want to hear about you and your books! What Chapter are you up to?

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