Originally a Sydney girl I now live on the Gold Coast with my husband and my two dogs Evie and Lenny.

I believe in:
Never taking for granted the people that came into my life and stayed.
Being thankful for a wonderful family and time shared with my amazing dogs..

Rules I live by:
Dare to dream, believe in your dreams and go make them happen – life is short!
Respect yourself, Respect others and Learn to listen

Pet Photography - Gold Coast - About Diana's Pet
Pet Photography - Gold Coast - About Dogs

Why Choose Me?
Every dog has its own unique personality! Every owner will tell me that their dog is the greatest dog they have ever had and I believe them! Every dog IS THE GREATEST DOG in the world to their owner and EVERY dog and their owner has a once in a lifetime relationship that is unique to them.

How do I know that?
I have enjoyed having the companionship of some amazing dogs throughout my life, and they have seen me through some good times and some tough times. I understand the value of a dog’s loyalty, love and companionship, and my passion is to bring those emotions to life so you can treasure them forever.

Hobbies and Special Interests:
I love helping Best Friends Rescue, by fostering puppies that are waiting for their forever home. I aim to give them a good start to life, and give them basic training such as house training, setting acceptable boundaries, and generally setting them up to fit easily into their new family.

Photography is my passion, as well as my profession, so call me today to discuss how I can help you capture a special moment with your best friend.