Pet Photography – Gold Coast
Hello and welcome to K9 Pet Photography! Every dog has its own unique personality, and every owner will tell me that their dog is the greatest dog they have ever had – and I believe them! Every dog IS THE GREATEST DOG in the world to their owner and EVERY dog and their owner has a once in a lifetime relationship that is unique to them. I understand that bond and will capture your special bond with your best friend! That’s a promise.

Pet Photography Shooting Time
Your pets don’t know they are on a photoshoot. As far as they are aware, they are just on an outing to a beautiful Gold Coast location and there are lots of great things for them to see, smell and play with. Just like kids, they are easily distracted. I usually allow up to one hour of shooting time to give your pets time to play, relax and then sit with you when required. They never do what you think they are going to do and that is normal. Once they have my trust (and my treats) that’s when the magic happens. I sometimes go over the hour depending on the age or temperament of your pet.

Pet Photography for PUPPIES
Puppies under the age of 16 weeks can be very inquisitive and exuberant during a pet photography session, and then they can crash and burn. They might run around for half an hour then need a nap just like babies!

Pet Photography for SENIORS
Seniors may have health issues, they might be a bit arthritic or have heart problems and I take all of these things into consideration whilst on location. It might take them a little longer to get around and moving from one place to another could be slow. I wouldn’t advise taking an arthritic dog to the beach, they might find it difficult to walk in the sand and it could be painful for their hips.

A pet photography session on the Gold Coast is all about fun! We want this experience to be memorable, for all the right reasons!

Why Choose K9 Pet Photography
Photographing people with their pets is my craft and full time job. I have studied photography and hold a Cert IV in photo-imaging. I am passionate about creating beautiful images and giving you amazing products that you will treasure for the rest of your life. All my products are Australian made and I am very proud to support industry suppliers in this country.

I am working with you from the moment we have our ‘buzz session’, over the phone or in my office, up to the moment you see your products. So it’s not just a one hour session where I click away. It’s time spent talking to you, travelling, shooting, uploading and sorting, post production, viewing and blogging.

Creatively I am always looking for fun ways to bring something different and unique to your Gold Coast photo session. I have collected many gorgeous props along the way, and if you have seen something that you like that I have used in a previous shoot, let me know and I’ll bring it with me.

Call K9 Pet Photography today and discuss how I can capture a treasured moment for you.