Pre-Shoot Buzz Session

This can be done either in my Gold Coast office, or by telephone. If you come to my office this will give you an opportunity to look at my beautiful products and allow us time for further discussions about how you imagine your finished product.

During this session I want to hear everything about you and your animals.

  • How many do you have?
  • How old are they?
  • What breed are they?
  • Did you rescue them?
  • I want to hear about your relationship with them, where you like to hang out on the weekends – for example do they love going to a beautiful Gold Coast beach or are they couch potatoes?
  • I will discuss with you how your shoot will be styled. I want your shoot to be relevant to you as this is a lifetime investment and you want to be in love with your images 10 years from now.
  • I will talk to you about different Gold Coast location options, about what to wear and what to bring.
  • I will also ask you about any health issues your dogs may have, making sure I get to see you and your precious one as a matter of priority if time is of the essence.
  • I also want to know if we need more than one photographer on the day – 5 dogs, 3 kids, 2 grandparents, you and your partner could be a handful!


Photo Shoot

See my Pet Photography page for information about the actual photo shoot.


Your pet photography images are processed and retouched for you to view at your investment session.

This is where the fun starts and all the creative juices flow so that your end product will have the WOW factor!!!

All your images from your pet photography session are sorted and processed in photoshop. I sit up at night in front of my computer loving every single one of your images. I want you to love them too!

Blemishes and redness on your skin are removed, dirt in the corner of your dog’s eyes are removed, yellow stains around your dog’s mouth are lightened, teeth are whitened, leads and some harnesses are removed, colours are popped, images are sparkled, your pictures are not what comes out of my camera!  They become works of art!

Investment Session (Allow up to 2 hours)

Your investment session is so exciting. Your pet photography images are presented to you firstly in a slideshow with a backing track. Don’t worry I have tissues on standby and they are usually for me! I can honestly say that there is not one viewing session I have had with my clients where I don’t shed a tear. We usually watch it a couple of times in case you missed something whilst you were blowing your nose.

We then go through your proofs and together select the images you LOVE! This takes time.

It can take up to 2 hours because we look at all of our products and we work out ways for you to have what you want. You might like to have an album keeping 20 of your favourite images and hanging a collection on the wall. You might want to hang a collection in a couple of rooms. It’s a process, it takes time and you don’t want to rush it. I always recommend bringing along your partner if he or she helps you make the decisions in the house. It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion when you are making big financial decisions.