K9 Photography on the Gold Coast love dogs so much we named our business after them in tribute – K9 Photography!

We know personally what a privilege it is to have dogs as part of our family. You will see our own dogs Evie and Lenny as the “talent” in many of our pet photography shoots on our website and on our Facebook page.

Love can be elusive, love can be all powerful, it can even be painful. But for the most part, when we ask what is love, you just need to look into the face of your dog.

Those big, brown, adoring eyes seem like they can look right into your very soul. They instinctively know when you are happy or sad, just by looking directly at your face.

No other creature on earth has been born to serve you and to be so devoted to you. A dog’s love is absolutely unconditional. They are so excited to see you when you get home, they miss when you leave, they exist just to bask in your time and love.

This is all too apparent for the poor creatures that are mistreated and neglected. They still remain loyal in the hope their owner will one day love them and treat them better.

As much as a dog is steadfastly loyal and loving its owner, humans have the capacity to love them right back – the same way they do their children.

Research suggests feel good hormones spike in both humans and dogs when they look at each other, the same hormone that triggers love and protection with a parent and a child.

Just as a parent would do anything for their child, dog owners experience the same emotion. You know you are besotted and in love with a dog when you:

Have a phone or camera full of dog pics!

Cancel plans just so you can hang out with your dog!

Prefer their company to humans!

Let your dog sit on your favourite seat when no one else can!

Have to take your dog everywhere with you!

Can’t sleep without them!

If you are crazy in love with your dog like we are, let K9 Photography capture the love and emotional connection between you with a professional pet photography session.

Our passion is to bring those emotions to life through our exquisitely shot pet photography sessions so you can treasure them forever.

Call Diana at K9 Photography on the Gold Coast on 0423 587 226 to enquire about our professional pet photography.

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